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Random Spazzing ~by Lucy
- 2007/03/21(Wed) -
AHHHH oh my goodness, apparently eito is gonna be on HEY!HEY!HEY! again!!! wuaaaa, it's been almost a year and a half ne.....Apparently they're filming it the 25th of this month......so plus editing time....airing in April? hopefully????? plz?

And their new show starts 3rd of April, it's some show with a loooong title for a name.... おもてなし音楽バラエティ むちゃ∞ぶり ...but they're still gonna have a weekly guest so i'm guessing it should be soooommmeeeewhat similar to SukaJ? I'm all excited XD

Of course there's also their Mste SP on the 6th (with SMAP and TOKIO san there too!! wow dai senpais XDDD it's gonna be so much fun to watch !!1)

gah >< why must there be so much eito goodness in April.......my month of exam hell??!?!?!
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